Why Businesses Are Becoming Software Dependant

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15 Oct Why Businesses Are Becoming Software Dependant

It seems like we are becoming more and more dependent on technology in our day to day lives. It is in our cars, our kitchens, and even our pockets, with mass adoptions of smart phones worldwide. Software and tech makes our daily lives easier- including the time we spend at work.Company software development is a priority for almost every leading industry. It’s also becoming the way many places shift their focus, even if they weren’t software companies to begin with. Forbes has declared “Now every company is a software company,” citing traditional companies like Ford Motor Company’s focus on the tech inside the automobile almost more than the automobile itself.Although this is an extreme example, it’s becoming more and more commonplace for businesses to rely on their tech. According to Techaisle, more than 28% of small businesses and 43% of midmarket businesses are more dependent on technology than last year. For retail or restaurant operations, utilising custom software solutions like POS have become a necessity. They do more than just function as a cash register now- they function as accountants, marketers, and inventory managers. In some cases, a good POS can take the place of hiring an additional high-paid staff member.With a reliance on software has come a dependence on the internet as well. According to Secure64, 54% of the businesses they surveyed are “totally or extremely dependent” on uninterrupted Internet connectivity. These companies could be online shops or companies that utilise web apps on a daily basis. What most of them have in common, though, is their usage of the cloud.

Heading for The Cloud

In most cases, the cloud has made otherwise out-of-reach enterprise software available to small and medium sized businesses. This is often accomplished through the ease of outsourcing software development. Some companies still choose to develop their own software in house, but it’s never been easier to utilise developers around the globe or local software companies in Perth like Red Rock Software. Companies are looking to develop integrated solutions that can boost productivity and hopefully profits. The cloud allows for them to build around the idea that employees should be able to work easily with each other.Rather than the old way of beginning a document, emailing it to another worker for editing, and waiting for the document to get sent back, an emphasis has been placed on real-time collaboration. This is only enabled through the use of special software- whether it is Microsoft SharePoint or even free options like Google Docs. Employees can see who makes changes instantly, and even view a history of them. This cuts down on mistakes and wasted time.In addition, there is also easier and less expensive access to project management software. Because much of project management software is cloud based, it allows for a manager to take control of a whole team from anywhere on the planet that there is internet. This eliminates the need for an office, although many companies still like having a brick and mortar setup. It makes it easy to break down large projects into individual tasks to be completed by employees. From there, progress can be tracked and commented on, both by coworkers and the project manager.On top of that, affordable cloud-based enterprise software has allowed for the formerly unattainable benefits of Big Data. It might be normally reserved for the corporate giants, but by putting hosting costs on the software developer rather than inside the office, it has become possible. Big Data allows for companies to locate and act upon trends that are happening both within their company and inside the industry. These cloud programs take all of the data that is being input through your company every day- customer contact info, vendor info, product prices, inventory, sales figures, individual employee hours- and turns it into readable data. Many of them even form easy-to-read charts, so companies can find out who their best customers are or who their worst salesperson is.On top of that, software has opened up the world of marketing to the small business.

Marketing Automation

Companies that simply don’t have the money to hire outside marketing firms often fall behind the competition and just don’t make it. However, many are turning to their software to do the marketing for them. Marketing automation also utilises the daily input data, but for a different purpose: to get new customers. According to the Aberdeen Group: [tweet_box design=”default”]Companies using marketing automation experience 53% higher conversion than those that don’t.[/tweet_box]That’s a huge boost of functionality, simply by utilising the software that we have available today. It’s easy to see why more companies are making the switch and becoming more dependent. It’s a trend that looks like it’s going to continue, and the possibilities will only continue to grow.sharepoint