Shutdown Recruiter

Forget spreadsheets! Easily and efficiently get the best people to site – for recruiters, managers and site staff


Shutdown trades, inductions, shift counts, rates and dates for all clients and sites in one location


Get the best people with the right skills, message and progress them, then get their docs to site


Management dashboards, performance reviews and history track the whole shutdown

The Big Picture

Shutdown recruiter makes it easier to:

  1. Find the best candidates faster,
  2. Make fewer recruiting mistakes,
  3. Manage fatigue,
  4. Keep managers and site staff in the loop, and
  5. Promote efficiency and profitability.

Shutdown recruiter is web software that can be used on many devices by recruiters, planners, managers and clients.


No more mistakes

Shutdown recruiter is a single platform to keep all your data.  It is standardised with the following features to reduce the risk of mistakes:

  1. Standardised Forms and data validity checks,
  2. Automated ticket and induction expiry date checks,
  3. Availability and fatigue checks,
  4. SMS and notes history,
  5. Do not hire and performance review history, and
  6. Management and progress dashboards.
Tech Sheet

Spreadsheets Gone!

Spreadsheets, documents and reports can have conflicting data, different versions and can be stored just about anywhere that’s hard to find, or have frustrating security restrictions.  Shutdown Recruiter keeps all information up to data and in one location that is always accessible.

  1. Keep all shutdowns as easy reach and searchable,
  2. No mismatched, or conflicting data,
  3. Easy for all staff to find and edit,
  4. Clear shutdowm status with Dashboard overviews,
  5. One location for all data, for all users, all the time.
Plan Types

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Available on most modern devices


All tools built into your own platform.

Manage Tickets

All skills, trades, inductions and expiries manged in a skills matrix with alerts and reports.

SMS built in

Bulk messaging can be simply done within the application, making it easier to manage correspondence.

Track Contractors

Easily track people and trades from planning all the way to performance review.

Performance Reviews

Post-shutdown performance reviews can be entered by secure logins for Site Managers and can be analysed by client, site and employee to find trends.

Dashboard Summaries

View live planning progress, mobilisation counts, hours booked and planned shuts and performance review metrics.  Custom dashboards available.

Data at your fingertips

Advanced sorting, grouping and reporting makes finding the information you need fast and easy.

Site Supervisor Feedback

Clients and Site Managers can view documents and enter performance reviews over secure connections.

Contractor Calendars

All contractors have calendars that automatically fill out for their bookings and help with fatigue management.

The smarter and easier way to manage your shutdowns

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