Web Apps Drive Modern Business

Engage with customers and staff wherever they are and wherever they work

Why a web app?

Simply, every device with a browser (i.e. everything) and an internet connection can run a web app. No downloads, no app stores, no Apple vs Android. Just login and start working

If you easily need to reach customers wherever they are and staff wherever they work, then why don’t you use the power of the web to reach them?

Far sighted businesses can grow based around web apps that scale-up with their needs. It’s not just entrepreneurs who leverage the reach and scalability web apps provide.


What is it build with?

There are essentially 3 choices with web apps.  Java, LAMP (PHP) and .NET.

Our specialty is business friendly web apps that are dependable, scalable, secure and play nice with business technology.  That’s why most of our web apps are built using:

  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS3
  • AngularJS
  • C#
  • SQL Server

Using these technologies means that our clients have well understood and respected technologies that have easy to find quality professionals that can understand and support our solutions.

Why Red Rock?

Because high quality software is complex and difficult to build.

To get a project on time and budget you need:

  • Tertiary qualified professionals with regular training and accreditation
  • Project Managers that understand AGILE delivery
  • Business Analysts that can listen closely to clients and translate to developers
  • An experienced team that works well together to deliver on time and on budget
  • Broad industry experience to understand new clients and their needs.

We have all the above and we love building cool things, because we love building cool stuff.


We build

Customer Portals

Where customers may use Forms, make a booking, or browse catalogues.

Human Resources

Hire, on-board, schedule, manage and develop your most valuable assets.

Project Services

Contracts, Procurement, Cost Control, Planning, Construction Management, Engineering, or Document Control.

Data Analytics

Data that is not understood is a lost opportunity. Discover valuable insights by mining and presenting data you already have,

Customer Relationship Management

Manage and analyse your customer maketing, sales and support throughout the customer lifecycle.

Paperless Office

Place paperwork, with online Forms, Reports, business processes, image capture and OCR document reading.

If you are not completely clear benefits a custom web app will do for you, call us and we’ll be pleased to explain. Call now, or fill out the contact form below.

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