Consulting and Technical Assistance

Do you know exactly what is the best software solution for your business?

Who is it for?

Simply, for anyone who is not exactly sure what the best solution is for their established business, or start-up. If you are not sure, you can be almost certain that each vendor will propose the solution that suits them best

Questions you may need answered may include:

  • How can I create new efficiencies in my business and what software can help me achieve this?
  • What technology is best for my start-ups growth model?
  • What is the most cost effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform?
  • How can I improve our Customer Experience from Sales through to Support?
  • How can I make our business systems work together, without creating a massive project?

What exactly is it?

Simply, Technical Assistance is a low risk, quick way to understand what your software choices are based on your needs.

We walk you through a clear and consistent process to formalise your requirements, create a scope and detail options. We’ll mentor you and provide advice and insights as you need them, but we’ll also help you to find your own answers, rather than just deliver a report

Technical Assistance (typically) has the following steps:

  • Requirements – Are outward facing and indicate what users want from a product or service
  • Scope – Are inward facing and describe activities and deliverables to satisfy the requirements
  • Options – Researching and evaluating potential solutions and providing options

What will I get?

You’ll get two things. 1) Answers and 2) Options.

  1. Determining your problems and requirements means we can help find the the answers needed to provide a solution.
  2. Once we know the answers needed, we can help build a list of technical options and their comparative costs. Now you’ll have the guide to a successful solution.

Documentation created for you, includes:

  1. Requirements document
  2. Project One-pager
  3. Scope document
  4. Options document

If you are not completely clear what software will deliver you the results you need and you have a genuine need to deliver a great result, then you should seriously consider our Technical Assistance services.

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