How is your Office 365 experience?

Is it everything it promised?

Office 365 customised for you

Office 365 has a great suite of features tailored to all budgets.  Which is great.  Sort of.

But to really make 365 fly, you need to turn those features into solutions that make you fly. And that’s where we can help you.  If you are the kind of person that wants to do great work and wants other people to appreciate quality, you need software that make you fly.


Sample business solutions

Create a custom hire workflow, including checklists, sign-offs, inductions and generate standard documentation for new starters
Collate data across many sources in your organisation into powerful PowerBI dashboards and reports
Create “Flows” that read emails and either push the to the correct departments in your CRM, or create tasks with reminders and alerts for your Sales Team
A custom 365 web app can sync your accounting data straight into financial reports, alerts and reports
There are so many choices from 3rd party apps to inbuilt version control and online editing to make storage and retrieval of documents less of a headache
If a picture says a thousand words, how many words does a how-to video save? Utilise in-built video hosting to server how-to videos for your staff

So many options and so many choices


Office 365 is an “enterprise platform as a service” built up from the Microsoft Office products people understand and use every day. It is always on, available everywhere, on any device wherever you are.

So the question is “how do we leverage Office 365 to deliver business value”?

To improve productivity, streamline sales and reduce costs we can connect our people, manage our projects and organise our information. By customising Office 365 we can personalise our intranet, quality management systems, collaboration and document management.

Office 365 does not give us this out of the box, but it does give us the tools we need to and  with a little expertise these solutions can be put together.

Your options to customise Office 365 to your business are (almost) only limited by your imagination.  Call us today and tell us what you need and we’ll help tailor a solution to your needs.

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