Is your aging desktop software holding your business back?

Only your competitors love your horrible old systems. Upgrade now to new solutions that run on Smartphones, Tablets and PCs. Hosted, or on your own servers, or in the cloud.

Our most popular upgrades

Relax!  We’ll convert your critical legacy systems rapidly and affordably on to an enterprise grade web app platform.

Access database upgrades

Excel upgrades

Many devices, one easy  interface

How it works

Choose the features you want upgraded, then choose the style you like best

We'll spin up a new web app instance and you can watch is come to life online

Your brand new web app will be built by our expert developers with regular builds and project tools available on-line 24/7

What’s so good about Red Rock?

Our enterprise grade web app platform and commercial experience means we can deliver software upgrades FAST!

Business friendly web app technology that runs on your servers or most cloud based platforms means easy support and low cost ownership

Don’t worry about security with our (Azure) Active Directory integration, your web apps can be used anywhere

As a go-to convert Excel to database company in Perth, we've built solutions for industries including health, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, education and oil & gas. We are experienced in database development, Access database conversion, Business Intelligence, e-commerce, as well as enterprise system integration.
The quickest and easiest solution is hosted with us. Typically, a solution would be hosted with us till it is stable and then migrated to a client's hosting service of choice. The best value to most clients, is migrating the app to run on a web server on their own intranet and be managed by corporate IT people and processes. To consolidate and convert many old Access and Excel apps to the web app environment creates consistency and ease of management with what may be described as common corporate technologies.
... a big database, e-commerce, analytics, that runs on all screens, integrates with my CRM/EPP/ERP/ETC, analyses my data for insights and has a management dashboard to keep the directors happy? Yup! It's what we love to do!
For the fastest and most reliable database development, we recommend using our prebuilt infrastructure. It's tried and tested and comes with regular fixes and upgrades.Our platform uses business friendly:
  • Windows and SQL Server 2008R2,
  • ASP.NET (MVC),
  • Bootstrap 3, and
  • HTML 5
Our claim to fame is our online tools to help clients engage and understand their projects. We do this by making the following available 24/7;Latest Builds: View, markup, or test what the developers have just built for you,Project Management: We give you access to see and contribute to the developers workspace and Dashboards,Documents: All specs, timesheets, mockups and invoices, in fact all documentation is ready at your fingertips,Server Management and Version Control: Any issues or questions, it's all here.
Building a new hosted instance, with logins, a corporate logo, app name, page place holders and some inserted page mockups typically takes 2 days. That might keep the Directors at bay for a while, but we really excel at making an app work for real, rapidly. It's what we love to do!

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