Database Development Services

Database development, database management (DBMS), administration, support and integration of MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and IBM DB2

Database Development

Specialising in database development

Our developers are highly trained, qualified and experienced. We understand the complexity and dynamic nature of today’s businesses, as we have worked with many types of industries and diverse types of databases. For you to manage your information and workflow, collecting the necessary data is only half the job. Our expert database designers will structure your data so you’ll soon be able to produce the right report for the right department at the right time.

Comprehensive Database Design

We specialise in databases for thecloud and enterprise systems. We've built high grade scalable databases in recruitment, accountancy, engineering, construction, mining and oil & gas. If you have a problem, we can bring the insights to get you the solution you need.

Profile First, Optimize Last

The basic rule of Database Optimization is to never assume. We will always verify the efficiency of our databases, using actual data.

Database Hosting

24/7 Support

We understand you cannot afford your databases to be down and that's why we provide one-hour turn around on most emergency database support services.

Why Companies are Choosing RedRock

  • Solid Structured Framework – Red Rock Software has experience on all Frameworks and has built its own powerful RedRock Framework
  • Developer Friendly Programming – providing flexibility for a company to hire other developers to work on a Red Rock-developed project
  • Experienced in all Frameworks such as RedRock Framework, CakePHP, CodeIgniter Symfony Framework, Zend Framework, etc..
  • 20+ years in database driven application development
  • Local Perth, in-house programmers available to help on-site as needed
  • By being here, we can see and listen to deliver high quality, maintainable code
  • We build, maintain and support mission critical databases
  • We support many cloud based applications and databases every day

Database Development

The job of database programming goes beyond simply hooking up new program code to the database. To be truly effective, a successful database solution must be developed using a carefully thought out combination of efficient program code and database utilisation techniques. Working with the DBA and the database developer will help with development decisions such as creating indexes and stored procedures for performance improvement, adding foreign keys to improve the referential integrity of the database, and selection of display methodologies that improve software performance and presentation of data.

Red Rock Software provides database development services for MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and Access databases. We use commercial industry standard technologies ensure supportable and reliable solutions. Our experienced database developers can work directly with your in-house staff or, if the situation dictates, develop the entire project from design through training and implementation. Red Rock Software also provides a range of database services and development of custom business database software and e-commerce database software.

Database Integration

Do you have an existing database driven software product that isn’t integrated with your business software applications? Or maybe you have existing data in MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Access, DB2, or other database that doesn’t live up to requirements? Our development team can help you design, develop, and implement custom database software tools that will provide access to all of your business data. We can also convert your existing legacy files to a database format or develop custom database connections to access their data.


Please Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your database application development requirements and database integration needs. We have extensive experience developing interfaces between platforms / languages and a wide variety of database software applications. Our database services staff can help you design a high performance, normalised database, interface the data with existing applications, and develop new custom database software applications to power your business.

Technologies We Use to Create & Enhance Database Applications

MS SQL Server ®

Microsoft SQL Server includes support for structured and semi–structured data, including digital media formats for pictures, audio, video and other multimedia data. In current versions, such multimedia data can be stored as BLOBs (binary large objects), but they are generic bit–streams. Intrinsic awareness of multimedia data will then allow specialised functions to be performed on them.

Oracle ®

Oracle released their first commercially available relational database system in 1979, and 30 years later remains an industry leader in the development of relational database systems. Their latest database offering, Oracle Database 11g Release 2, promises to lower IT costs and improve performance by consolidating business applications onto scalable database grids and eliminating idle data centre redundancy.


Another database technology good for web integration is the open source MySQL®. MySQL® has become the world’s most popular open source database because of its consistent fast performance, high reliability and ease of use. It’s used in more than 11 million installations ranging from large corporations to specialised embedded applications on every continent in the world.

PostgreSQL ®


As an enterprise class database, PostgreSQL boasts sophisticated features such as Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC), point in time recovery, tablespaces, asynchronous replication, nested transactions (savepoints), online/hot backups, a sophisticated query planner/optimiser, and write ahead logging for fault tolerance. It is highly scalable both in the sheer quantity of data it can manage and in the number of concurrent users it can accommodate.

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