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Workforce Mobilisation

‘Rapid Crews’ is easy to use cloud software makes mobilisation and coordination of workforces so much easier.

For use in mining, health, emergency services and for any organisation that needs to get fully verified technical people to where they need to go safely.

‘Rapid Crews’ includes, recruitment, onboarding, bulk messaging, training matrix management, medicals, assets and alerts modules

  1. Management dashboards,
  2. Training/skills matrix,
  3. Resource scheduler,
  4. Integrated SMS, and
  5. Performance Reviews.
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Bulk Document Manager

This product provides cloud based electronic document management systems (EDMS software) targeted for medium to large enterprises.


The goal is to reduce costs by performing bulk document processing, mark-up, categorisation and storage.


It is best suited to organisations with a large backlog of documents that are too difficult to manually allocate or archive.


Pathways is a cloud based app for those that manage volunteer programmes and the volunteers that need access to events and information wherever they may be and whatever device they may be using.

Features include:

  1. Event/Programme details,
  2. Volunteer skills and preferences,
  3. Online calendars and scheduling,
  4. eMail and SMS messaging,
  5. Feedback forms, and
  6. Auditing and compliance reports.

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