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What is NFC?

To put it as simply as possible, NFC is a way of communicating wirelessly between two devices, or a device and a tag, placed close together. Although the first NFC software development projects were focused on mobile payments – specifically quick swipe-and-go payments – there are a range of creative applications. Any marketing, advertising or process function that could benefit from proximity based communication could benefit from NFC software development. Imagine if you could reach loyal customers while they shopped, or allow your employees to access remote sites/lock-ups securely, or allow your logistics teams to log deliveries by swiping at origin and destination.

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What we do


As a premier NFC company in Perth, we offer a full suite of solutions, extending to custom design and development. Red Rock can even provide tags, mobile devices and tariffs. We will work with your management and key stakeholders to discuss how your goals could be met through a creative application of this technology.

What can it do for you?


Primarily, NFC will benefit your business by reducing overheads and eliminating inefficiencies. This is achieved by reducing time taken doing regular tasks by your workforce, whilst enabling real-time reporting, where required, for your clients.

All you need to do is consider the various tasks carried out by your workforce every day, then work out the money/time saved by having the process done faster.

In the current financial climate most businesses are looking to save on costs in order to survive – and if you can do this without losing staff or assets then so much the better!

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