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We have 4 special offers to celebrate 7 years in business

We’re excited to have completed 7 years in business in November and to be growing into our 8th year. It is thanks to the great work of our team and the support of our clients!  To celebrate,  we’d like to share some of our best work with our newest clients.

Choose any of our offers and and they will be valid for any work commencing up until March 2020.  If you can’t use an offer yourself, feel free to spread the word and pass the offer on.

All the very best from the team at Red Rock Software.

Choose an offer that suits you:

The following offers are limited to 3 candidates each.

Half day CONSULTING session

A half day Consulting/Technical Assistance session is a low risk and quick way to understand what your software options are based on your stated needs.


Choose our largest invoice and get a straight 10% off. Simple.

20 hours hands-on help

Add 20 hours hands on help in your office, with one of our trainers to help you get the most out of our Shutdown Recruiter software.

Support upgrade to gold

Base systems support upgraded to our gold package with faster response, increase data integrity checks and proactive monitoring.

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Preferred Offer

Limited to 3 successful applicants per offer.  Successful applicants have 6 months to redeem an offer.  Where more applications are submitted than offers available, Red Rock Software Pty Ltd will choose the successful applicants.